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Empowering Humanity Through Robotics

About sliQue

Our Beliefs 

sliQue Robotics believes in the enrichment of humanity.  As technology continues to evolve, we must too.


Innovation isn’t just about thinking differently – it’s about creating a future that’s brighter, smarter, and more sustainable.


Investing in human capital means, investing in job training to develop new skill sets. The result? Happy people!


We’re committed to delivering transparency in every interaction, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction. 


Easy Out-of The-Box solutions. Stunning User-friendly Interfaces.

Let’s Raise The Bar Together

Empower Humanity

sliQue is firmly committed to its mission of empowering humanity through robotics. sliQue is dedicated to making sure that robotics are accessible to as many people as possible. It is our goal that everyone, no matter their age or level of technical expertise, can understand and learn the technologies associated with robotics. Through the use of intuitive interfaces and support services, sliQue believes that everyone can benefit from a deeper understanding of robotics and its potential to revolutionize the future — indeed, it could very well be what drives our world in the decades ahead. By placing value on openness and user control, sliQue hopes to make sure that this revolutionary force is brought in safely, ethically and responsibly.

Continuous Improvement

The robot revolution has arrived, and it’s changing the way we live our lives. Robots are making our daily routines more efficient, from floor cleaning to food delivery.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the role of robots in our lives will only continue to grow. So, embrace the robot revolution and prepare for a brighter, more efficient future. “sliQue Robotics.”

Seamless Integration 

Software integration is more intuitive and easier than ever before. With the development of computer vision and robotics technologies, robots can now be programmed to interpret their surroundings and react accordingly.

This improves safety features as well as allows for quicker responses to environmental changes, reducing errors. 

Data Security

Ensuring that robots are equipped with top-notch security measures not only protects us from potential cyber attacks, but also builds trust in this increasingly prevalent technology.

As the use of robots expands, data security must be at the forefront of development and implementation.

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Michael Kessler

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shiwon Song CFO sliQue

Shiwon Song

Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer

Vaishnavi Murugan Executive Vice President - South Asia / sliQue Robotics

Vaishnavi Murugan

Chief Operations Officer – APAC

Adam Lava

Job Title

lawrence balanovsky Executive Strategic Assistant Slique Hotel Technology

Lawrence Balanovsky

General Counsel

Nathan Loew

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Himanshu Sansanwal

Head of Business Intelligence


Software Engineer