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Industrial Robots

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Industrial Robotics

The team at sliQue Robotics has always been on the forefront of innovation. When the pandemic hit, they knew that they had to come up with a solution to help keep businesses running. Their new autonomous mobile robots were the perfect answer.

These robots are designed for material handling and internal logistics needs, no matter the industry. They are modular in nature, allowing for ease of deployment and serviceability. And most importantly, they are reliable. In these uncertain times, businesses can’t afford to take any chances.

The team at sliQue Robotics is proud to offer this next-generation technology to help businesses stay ahead of the curve. With these robots, your success is our mission!

Product Line-Up

Optimizing efficiency in manufacturing and warehousing are pivotal in
ensuring a robust supply chain. Designed and manufactured in India, AMRs
from sliQue Robotics have advanced AI technology that keep
your employees safe so you can meet your organizational goals, no matter
the situation.

amr robot by sliQue robotics

sliQue 250

Maximum Payload
250 kg (551 lbs)

sliQue Robotics for Warehouse & Manufacturing Automation

sliQue 650

Maximum Payload
650 kg (1433 lbs)

sliQue Robotics for Warehouse & Manufacturing Automation

sliQue 1250

Maximum Payload
1250 kg (2755 lbs)