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The Data Analytics Platform for Robots & IoT

Cloud Robotics

Cloud robotics presents a transformative opportunity for sliQue Robotics, enabling enhanced processing power, improved data analytics, and greater scalability across operations. By leveraging the cloud, sliQue Robotics can offload intensive computation and storage tasks from individual robots to powerful centralized servers. This shift optimizes performance, speeds decision-making processes, and facilitates more sophisticated machine-learning models and real-time data integration. As a result, sliQue Robotics can offer more advanced and efficient robotic solutions, driving innovation while reducing operational costs and improving service delivery to clients.


Robot Cloud Platform

The Robot Cloud Platform for sliQue Robotics represents a cutting-edge integration of cloud computing with robotic systems, designed to significantly elevate operational efficiency and innovation. This platform acts as a central hub for managing and controlling robotic devices across multiple locations, leveraging the cloud to enable real-time data exchange and decision-making.

By harnessing the power of the cloud, sliQue Robotics can streamline updates, synchronize tasks, and enhance analytics, thus enabling robots to perform more complex tasks with greater autonomy. Additionally, the Robot Cloud Platform allows for scalable deployments, robust security measures, and the flexibility to adapt to various operational demands, making it an essential tool for advancing robotic capabilities in a range of applications.


ROSI CLOUD | Robot Cloud Platform

Multi-platform Compatibility:

ROSI Cloud platform can interface with various types of robots and devices, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Global Accessibility:

Manage your robotic fleet from anywhere in the world with a laptop or smart phone.

Intelligent Alerts

ROSI Cloud uses smart algorithms to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) from your robotic fleet. If any parameter deviates from pre-set norms, you get an instant SMS or email notification.

Real-time Analytics

Live Monitoring: Real-time metrics on robot performance, energy consumption, and much more.


Why Choose ROSI?

ROSI Cloud is the epitome of innovation in robotic cloud management. Designed to empower your robotic operations, our platform seamlessly integrates scalability, multi-robot management, real-time analytics, and unmatched security features.

Robot Cloud Platform By sliQue Robotics

Key Features of ROSI Cloud

Elastic Scalability:

Scale your operations up or down in real-time, adapting to your business needs without breaking a sweat.

Multi-Robot Management:

Manage multiple robots across different locations through a single, intuitive dashboard.

Rapid Deployment

Implementing a new system shouldn’t bring your operations to a standstill. ROSI Cloud ensures quick and seamless deployment, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Bulletproof Security:

With enterprise-grade encryption and advanced access controls, your data and operations are in safe hands.