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sliQue Robotics is Powered By Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to Improve Operational Efficiencies Across Different Industries

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Commercial Cleaning Robots By sliQue
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Continuously Improving Operational Efficiencies

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Cleaning Robots

– The Future of Cleaning: Let sliQue Robotics clean your floors for you!

– Cleaning has never been this easy: our autonomous floor cleaning robot does all the work for you!

– Keep your business clean and tidy with our robotic cleaners!

– Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual cleaning tasks!

LEARN MORE ROSI Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot

Delivery Robots

.– Winston ButlerBot is secure and reliable.

– Winston ButlerBot can help with package delivery and food service.

– Imagine the convenience of a robot butler delivering your food and packages!

– Winston ButlerBot will make your life easier in hotels, resorts, high-rise buildings and healthcare facilities.


sliQue Robotics Goes Where You Go

sliQue Robotics is your most reliable and trusted source when in comes to implementing robots in your workplace. The pillars of our robotics business is Safety, Trust, & Reliability.



– sliQue Robotics offers a solution to free up hospitality staff’s time so they can focus on creating memorable moments for guests.

– Over 80% of hoteliers reported increased job satisfaction due to sliQue.

– Fostering a satisfied and effective staff leads to exceptional experiences for guests.

Healthcare Delivery Robot


– Healthcare sector can improve ROI by delegating delivery process to robots.

– This reduces labor costs and increases productivity for skilled technicians.

– sliQue’s innovative technology provides financial savings and job satisfaction.

– Result is a true win-win for healthcare sector.

ROSI Commercial Cleaning Robot


– Cleaning robots offer cost and time savings for city buildings such as schools, fire stations, police stations, and other institutional buildings.

– They can sweep, mop, and do other tasks that reduce labor costs while ensuring meeting cleanliness standards.

– The new wave of cleaning robots can work around crews or groups of people safely and efficiently.

Empowering Humanity through Robotics & AI

Robotics and AI are powering a revolution in business. They’re providing an efficient alternative to reduce tedious tasks and free up more time for problem-solving with impressive results. From warehouses through healthcare, hospitality, education…they can help leverage the power of consistency without compromising quality or accuracy. Good news for businesses – great news for people’s lives! Who said robots only cause trouble? Not today – they’re making life easier than ever!

slique robotics empowering humanity

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