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RAW Agent

The Data Analytics Platform for Robots & IoT

RAW Agent by sliQue

With robotics and artificial intelligence advancing at an unprecedented pace, maintaining transparency and security throughout a robot’s lifecycle has become imperative. sliQue Robotics, a trailblazer in innovative robotic solutions, has introduced the RAW Agent, a cutting-edge transparency software designed to ensure the integrity and ethical use of robotic systems from the initial stages of the supply chain to production and operational deployment.

The RAW Agent software is a comprehensive auditing tool that embeds itself within the robot’s systems, meticulously recording every action and transaction. It starts by scrutinizing the supply chain, ensuring that all components and materials meet rigorous ethical and quality standards. This initial phase is critical, as it safeguards against the inclusion of counterfeit parts or materials sourced in violation of international laws.

As the robot transitions into production, RAW Agent’s surveillance extends to monitoring manufacturing processes. RAW ensures that each step adheres to predefined specifications and safety standards, documenting every detail in an immutable audit log. RAW Agent enhances quality control and provides an indelible record that can be referenced should discrepancies or issues arise post-production.

Operational Oversight

Once deployed, the RAW Agent continues its vigilance, overseeing the robot’s operational performance. This phase is crucial for maintaining user trust and safety, as it confirms that the robots operate within their designed parameters. The software detects deviations from normal operations, flags potential security breaches, and helps diagnose malfunctions before they lead to failure or hazardous situations.

Privacy and Security First

Understanding the potential sensitivity of the data it handles, sliQue Robotics has designed RAW Agent with state-of-the-art security features. The software employs advanced encryption methods and access controls to protect the data integrity and confidentiality of the information it processes. Only authorized personnel have access to the audit logs, ensuring that unauthorized entities cannot misuse or access the data.


sliQue Robotics’ RAW Agent sets a new standard for transparency in the robotics industry. As we step further into a future dominated by automated systems, the RAW Agent promises to safeguard the ethical deployment of robots and enhance their reliability and trustworthiness, thereby shaping a more secure and accountable robotic future. This pioneering software positions sliQue Robotics at the forefront of technological stewardship, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and ethical responsibility.

Benefits for Stakeholders

The implementation of the sliQue RAW Agent by organizations employing robotics yields multiple benefits:

Enhanced Trust:

Builds consumer and user trust in robotics, knowing that their operations are transparent and monitored.

Operational Efficiency:

Improves operational efficiencies by providing insights into performance and maintenance needs.

Risk Management:

Reduces risks associated with malfunctions and cybersecurity threats through proactive monitoring.

Regulatory Compliance:

Eases the burden of complying with international and local regulations concerning robotic deployment.