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Unitree B2

The Data Analytics Platform for Robots & IoT

Security Solutions by sliQue x Unitree

The B2 security solution by sliQue Robotics and Unitree likely combines AI surveillance, autonomous navigation, and real-time threat detection for enhanced security. This system is designed for efficient patrols, quick threat response, and easy human-robot interaction, offering a cutting-edge approach to premises security.


Disaster Relief by sliQue x Unitree

The disaster relief collaboration between sliQue and Unitree Robotics aims to deploy advanced robots for search and rescue, supply delivery, and damage assessment in emergencies, enhancing response efficiency and safety.


Unitree x sliQue B2 for Security Solutions

The Unitree B2 by sliQue Robotics: Elevating Security to New Heights
sliQue Robotics introduces the Unitree B2, a cutting-edge robotic security assistant designed to transform surveillance and enhance safety with unmatched efficiency and technology. This partnership embodies sliQue Robotics’ dedication to pioneering advanced robotics solutions for real-world security challenges.

Key Advantages:
360-Degree Surveillance: The Unitree B2 offers comprehensive monitoring, ensuring thorough coverage and heightened security awareness.

AI Threat Detection: Leveraging AI, the B2 swiftly identifies security risks, enabling prompt response to prevent breaches.
Remote Operation: Equipped for remote control, the B2 enhances surveillance flexibility and operational command.

Durable Design: Built for diverse environments, the B2 is robust and versatile, ready to tackle any security task.

Integrated Systems: sliQue Robotics ensures the B2 complements existing security setups, boosting overall protection capabilities.

The sliQue Robotics Edge: Choosing the Unitree B2 means not just upgrading your security technology but aligning with sliQue Robotics’ vision for a safer, smarter future through innovative robotics.