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Unitree Go 2 Pro | Education

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Robotic Curriculum Integration Strategies

Integrating the programmable robot dog developed by sliQue x Unitree Robotics into robotics and education curricula can offer a practical, engaging way to teach students about robotics, programming, and technology’s role in society. 

Programming Fundamentals

Use the robot dog to teach basic to advanced programming concepts. Students can learn coding languages and software development kits (SDKs) specific to robotics through hands-on activities, programming the robot to perform tasks or respond to environmental stimuli.

Robotics Engineering Principles

Explore mechanical and electrical engineering principles through the robot dog’s hardware. Dissect its design, sensors, actuators, and control systems to understand how robotics engineers solve real-world problems.

AI and Machine Learning

Introduce concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning by programming the robot dog to recognize patterns, navigate obstacles, or interact with humans and other robots. This practical application helps demystify AI and machine learning principles.

Ethics in Robotics

Foster discussions around the ethical use of robots in society, privacy concerns, and the impact of robotics on employment and daily life. Use the robot dog as a case study to explore these complex issues.