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Unitree Go2 Pro (EDU)

The Data Analytics Platform for Robots & IoT

sliQue x Unitree Go 2 Pro for Education

The “Go 2 Pro for Education” initiative, through its programmable robotics platform, offers a direct application for mechatronics curriculums, allowing students to engage in practical, hands-on learning experiences. This integration facilitates a deeper understanding of robotics, programming, and engineering principles, enabling students to develop critical skills in design, analysis, and problem-solving within the field of mechatronics.

Go 2 Pro for Education & Research by sliQue x Unitree

Unitree x sliQue Go2 Pro For Education

Interactive Learning: The Go2 Pro’s interactive capabilities bring subjects to life, making learning engaging and fun. From virtual field trips to hands-on science experiments, students can explore a world of knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom.

Collaboration and Communication: With built-in collaboration tools, the Go2 Pro facilitates seamless communication between students and teachers, fostering a dynamic learning environment that encourages participation and teamwork.

Accessibility and Inclusion: Designed with accessibility in mind, the Go2 Pro ensures that every student, regardless of their learning abilities, can benefit from its features. Adjustable settings and assistive technologies make education more inclusive and equitable.

Professional Development: The Go2 Pro is not just for students; it’s also a resource for teacher training and professional development. Educators can access a wealth of resources, tutorials, and communities of practice to enhance their teaching skills and integrate technology into their classrooms effectively.