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Emotional Robots: Ensuring Human Safety through Regulation

Emotional Robots: Ensuring Human Safety Through Regulation In science fiction, robots with emotions have long captured our imaginations. From friendly companions to sophisticated assistants, these machines promise to transform our lives. However, as technology advances and the line between fiction and reality blurs, we must carefully consider the implications of creating robots capable of simulating…
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Robot Teleoperation: How Remote Control of Robots Is Changing Industries

Robot Teleoperation: How Remote Control of Robots Is Changing Industries Robot Teleoperation, or the remote control of robots, represents a frontier in modern robotics. It combines advanced technology with human expertise to operate machines from a distance. This capability is increasingly crucial in hazardous, inaccessible environments or requiring precision that human presence cannot achieve. At…
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Human Resources & Robots in HR Management Software | by sliQue Robotics

Human Resources & Robot Integration: At sliQue Robotics, we are pioneering the integration of robots into HR management systems, emphasizing empathy and interaction that mirror human qualities. This advanced approach is transforming HR into a more interactive and responsive domain. Here’s how we are humanizing robotics in HR management: 1. Pioneering Human Resources & Robot…
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RAW Agent & ROSI CLOUD by sliQue Robotics

RAW Agent & ROSI CLOUD – Integration by sliQue Robotics In the dynamic realm of robotics, integrating comprehensive data management with robust auditing systems can significantly elevate operations’ efficiency and integrity. sliQue provides seamless synergy between ROSI Cloud and the sliQue RAW Agent, two advanced technologies transforming the robotic development and deployment landscape. ROSI Cloud…
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Robot Management System

Robot Management System by sliQue In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, robot management systems have become essential for industries aiming to leverage robotics for improved efficiency and productivity. Leading the charge in this innovative field is sliQue Robotics with its flagship product, ROSI CLOUD. ROSI is designed to transform the way businesses manage and interact…
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Empowering Women: sliQue Robotics Celebrates International Women’s Month!

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Innovation As we step into International Women’s Month, sliQue Robotics is proud to reaffirm our commitment to championing gender equality and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. This month is a celebration and a powerful reminder of our progress and the journey toward achieving true gender parity in the…
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Unveiling The Innovators: Startups Pioneering Tech Advancements

17/08/2023 In an era defined by digital transformation, the pulse of innovation resonates through the efforts of groundbreaking startups across various domains. These forward-thinkers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize industries and create new possibilities. As we explore these avenues of innovation, the term “Future Tech Frontiers” aptly captures…
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Enhancing Security with Advanced Robotics: A Closer Look at sliQue & Unitree’s Latest Innovations

In an era where safety and efficiency are paramount, sliQue Robotics and Unitree are at the forefront of a technological revolution, introducing advanced security robots that promise to redefine the landscape of security measures. These innovative solutions blend sophisticated design with the latest in robotic technology, offering a glimpse into the future of protective services.…
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The Power of Robot Teleoperation: A New Era of Remote Control

Introduction to Robot Teleoperation Robot teleoperation refers to the remote control of robotic devices, enabling operators to perform tasks from a distance, even across global boundaries. This technology leverages direct commands, joystick inputs, or secure shell (SSH) access without needing a virtual private network (VPN), bridging the gap between human intention and robotic action. What…
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Happy Lunar New Year 2024

“To all our partners in China, sliQue extends our heartfelt gratitude for your collaboration and support. Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year filled with prosperity and joy. Together, we continue to innovate and reach new heights. 新年快乐,愿我们携手共创辉煌。”