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Robotic Cloud Platform



Managing data effectively is a cornerstone for any robotic operation, and this becomes even more crucial when utilizing platforms like ROSI Cloud. ROSI Cloud specializes in robotic systems and provides a robust environment for data management, analytics, and real-time control. This article outlines the best practices for managing data on ROSI Cloud.

Data Classification

Real-time Data

ROSI Cloud excels in handling real-time data, facilitating immediate processing for robot control and navigation.

Historical Data

The platform also accommodates the storage of historical logs and metrics, which is valuable for long-term analysis and predictive maintenance.

Data Storage

Hot Storage

ROSI Cloud offers in-memory databases for fast access to real-time data, ensuring rapid response times in robot operations.

Cold Storage

For long-term data storage, ROSI Cloud supports integration with cloud-based databases to archive historical data.

Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

ROSI Cloud features built-in tools for analyzing the current state of your robotic systems.

Predictive Analytics

The platform also supports the integration of machine learning algorithms for predicting future events such as maintenance requirements.

Data Security


ROSI Cloud employs robust encryption algorithms for data in transit and at rest.

Access Control

Role-based access control is a standard feature, allowing you to limit data access based on organizational roles.

Data Governance


Ensure compliance with data protection laws through ROSI Cloud’s built-in governance features.

Audit Trails

Maintain comprehensive audit trails for accountability, a feature supported by ROSI Cloud.

Data Integration


ROSI Cloud offers APIs facilitating easy integration with other enterprise systems, enhancing data flow and analytics.

Data Lakes

If your organization requires more complex data analytics, ROSI Cloud can integrate with data lake architectures.


Managing data on ROSI Cloud involves best practices that address storage, analytics, security, and governance. The platform’s specialized features make it ideal for robust and secure robotic data management.